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Gia Milinovich

Gia is a presenter, writer and blogger, specializing mainly in new media and film. She has an acute knowledge of computers, technology, the Internet and science and has the unique ability to communicate complex technological ideas in a very accessible way. Her on screen credits include:

  • Electric Dreams – BBC Four (2009)
  • The One Show – BBC1 (2009)
  • Richard & Judy – BBC Watch (2009)
  • Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe – BBC4 (2008)
  • The Most Annoying TV We Hate to Love – BBC3 (2007)
  • The Cinema Show – BBC4 (2006-07)
  • LBC Radio – Gadget Expert (2006-07)
  • Demolition Day - C4 & Discovery (2003-06)
  • Click Online – BBC World (2002-2003)
  • And God Created Gadgets – Channel 4 (2002)
  • The Circuit, The Pulse, 10 x 10, The Object - Network of the World (2000-2002)
  • The Kit - BBC Knowledge (1999-2000)
  • Sky Sport Live – BSkyB (1995-2000)
  • Ice warriors – Sky Sport (1995-96)
  • The Big Byte – BBC Radio 5 (1995-96)
  • Hot or Not – Nickelodean (1995)

Gia has also written features for The New Statesman and she is the ‘voice’ of Science magazine’s Nature podcasts and and her blog is www.giagia.co.uk


Photography by Vincent Connare
(c) copyright 2005

Gia has worked as Web Producer, New Media Consultant and Online Marketing Consultant for Channel 4, The British Film Institute, 20th Century Fox, ITV, DNA Films, Universal Pictures, Directors UK, The Royal Television Society, Booz Allen Hamilton and Fox Searchlight. She has also worked on numerous technology websites, with clients including the Institute of Physics, The Nuclear Industry Association and Seimens Mobile.

She is currently Jonathan Ross’s New Media advisor and is to thank/blame for getting him onto Twitter!

In the film industry, Gia has worked in various technical online capacities on major blockbusters including X-Files, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I Want To Believe, 28 Weeks Later, Day Watch, Cocaine Cowboys and Water Lilies. In 2007, she produced the ‘behind the scenes’ website, which included writing articles about the production and taking all in-house photography, for Danny Boyle’s critically acclaimed sci-fi film SUNSHINE.

Gia has been blogging for six years so is ‘old school’ in geek terms. She hand codes HTML, is a Photoshop expert and is a keen photographer. Gia originates from Minnesota (USA) and has lived in the UK for almost 20 years. Her interests range from cutting-edge British comedy to Ancient Egypt, from the Blogging Revolution to the Apollo Moon landings, from Cult Films of the 70s and 80s to Transhumanism.

Gia’s website – www.giamilinovich.com

Follow Gia on Twitter @giagia

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