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Professor Jeff Forshaw

Jeff became ‘Professor Jeff’ at the young age of 36, having achieved a 1st from Oxford in 1989 and a PhD in Theoretical Physics at Manchester in 1992 where he is Professor of Particle Physics. His work includes the theory of the physics that will be explored using the LHC.

Jeff’s strength is the ability to explain the beautiful, yet often complex, ideas behind the laws of nature to a general audience. His main expertise is in particle physics, quantum physics and the theory of relativity.

Jeff has written over 100 scientific papers and his undergraduate textbook ‘Dynamics & Relativity’ (John Wiley 2009) and academic monograph ‘Quantum Chromodynamics and the Pomeron’ (Cambridge University Press 1997) both received critical acclaim. He has also written three popular science books with Professor Brian Cox: ‘Why Does E-mc2?’ (da Capo 2009), ‘The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen’ (Allen Lane 2011) and ‘Universal: A Guide To The Cosmos’ (Allen Lane 2016). Jeff also writes regular science features for magazines and the national press.


As a speaker, Jeff is often asked to speak at international conferences and he has given talks at The Royal Festival Hall, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Word 10 (University of Aberdeen Writers’ Festival), Wrexham Science Festival, Oxford Union, National Theatre (Platform event prior to J.B. Priestley’s ‘Time and the Conways’) and for Young People and Emerging Artists at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith . In 2007 he delivered The Elizabeth Spreadbury Lecture at University College London where he addressed the question: Does there have to be a Higgs boson?

In 1999, Jeff was the winner of the Institute of Physics’ Maxwell Medal and Prize. The terms of the award read: “The award shall be made for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics made in the 10 years preceding the date of the award unless in exceptional circumstances the Council extends this period. The award was originally made in even dated years but became annual in 1970. Candidates for the award should normally be not more than 35 years old in the year of the award”. Previous winners of this prestigious award include Neil Turok (1992), George Efstathiou (1990), John Ellis (1982), Chris Llewellyn Smith (1979), Mike Berry (1978) and Stephen Hawking (1976). In 2013 Jeff won the Kelvin Medal of the Institute of Physics for his wide-reaching work aimed at helping the general public to understand complex ideas in physics.

Jeff is no stranger to media. He has appeared on ‘The One Show’ (BBC One) and ‘BBC Breakfast’ and for radio has been a popular guest on BBC Five Live, BBC6 Music, ‘Today Programme’, ‘Infinite Monkey Cage’, ‘Beyond Belief’ and ‘Questions, Questions’ (BBC Radio 4).

He was also science advisor and consultant on a number of critically acclaimed television programmes including, ‘Forces of Nature’ (2015-16), ‘Human Universe’ (2014-15), ‘Wonders of Life’ (2011-13), ‘Wonders of the Universe’ (2010-11), Wonders of the Solar System’ (2009-10), Naked Science: Time Machine (Nat Geo) as well as many BBC Horizons.

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